Automatic Die-Cutting Machine

Automatic Die-Cutting Machine

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Function characteristics:

◎ Whole machine adopts electric, pneumatic, hydraulic part combination control, safe and high active, could be slit, cutting corner & creasing, one time for finish box.

◎ Front baffle synchro control, side baffle electric control, baffle manual adjust type machine optional.

◎ Rubbermat adopts imported high quality product(Taiwan product or USA), cutting time could be 8millon to 10 million times.

◎ Softcoat automatic repair structure, could be repair 3-4 times, improve rubbermat work-life.

◎ Linear speed automatic compensate structure, when soft roller diameter change, linear speed automatic compensate, make sure high precision in manufacturing.

◎ Die-cutting plate phase adopts planetary gear structure, 360 degree electric adjustment(running and stop all could be digit control).

◎ Lower die-cutting roll fall down automatic when without carton sheets through, prevent die-cutting blade touch with soft cab, relieve wear of wrap.